Jetson Xavier AGX Aluminium Enclosure Kit (IP40 )

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The Jetson Xavier AGX enclosure kit is a high quality IP40 aluminium heatsink enclosure in powder coat or silvered aluminium finish for a professional looking product.

The Jetson Xavier AGX enclosure kit enables rapid deployment and rapid commercialisation for the software you developed. We eliminate the long and costly product development cycles to get your concept into the market more quickly.  

This kit does not include the Jetson Xavier AGX.

The Jetson Xavier AGX Aluminium Enclosure Kit (IP40 ) is the ideal enclosure for and early stage deployments without the high cost and long lead times associated with the product development and commercialisation cycles. 

Included in price;
  • IP40 Dustproof Aluminium enclosure and Heat Sink
  • Illuminated power switch for Power or Reset or Reflash modes
  • Polished aluminium or black powder coated finish
  • 2 x USBC Panel Connectors to Xavier USBC
  • 1 x USB3 Panel Connector to Xavier Hybrid USB3 
  • Dual USB3 and HDMI Panel Connector to Xavier HDMI and microUSB
  • Aluminium IP40 heatsink enclosure
  • Panel Connectors
  • Mounting Plate and mechanical hardware

The enclosure allows space for connecting additional modules inside the enclosure and these modules can also be mechanically mounted on the underside of the  Xavier Mounting Plate.