Jetson Nano Enclosure Kit (IP67)

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Jetson Nano Waterproof Aluminium Enclosure Kit (IP67) is the ideal enclosure for and early stage deployments without the high cost and long lead times associated with the product development and commercialisation cycles. 

The Jetson Nano represents the state of the art in AI platforms for delivering new and innovative products to market with a very short cycle time. 

However it does not include an enclosure to protect the Nano during testing or deployment. 

Included in price;
  • Power over Ethernet 20W power supply module
  • Illuminated power switch for Power or Reset or Reflash modes
  • Aluminium IP67 heatsink enclosure and panels
  • Panel Connectors, cable glands and dust covers
  • Mounting Plate and mechanical hardware

Not included;

  • Jetson Nano Development Kit

Optional Extras can be purchased as Accessories and will be installed at the factory before shipping. Please request accessories using this form

  • Jetson Nano Development Kit
  • WiFi M.2 Intel Dual Band AC8265 with external antennas
  • WWAN with 4G/LTE and dual mode WiFi (Client and Access Point modes)
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) (Optional)
  • SSD in a range of sizes from 256GB up to 2TB
  • Shock Mounts 
  • LCD Touchscreen Display 
  • Dual USB3 Port for connecting external USB devices 
  • USB3 / HDMI Port for external Display and Keyboard 
  • Single USB3 Port with cable gland and cable cover 
  • RPi Camera Modules CSI/MIPI
  • CUNANO Camera Modules CSI/MIPI
  • GPS M.2 module