Hazcam Dual Spectrum Camera

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Hazcam has partnered with Axis Communications to developed a Dual Spectrum Camera in a single housing for Commercial and Industrial Applications. 

The Hazcam Dual Spectrum Camera reliably detects people, vehicles and objects regardless of light conditions or attempts at camouflage. It can be used as a cost-effective detector with visual confirmation for safety of both people and property in numerous environments. It also helps to decrease false alarms. 

The Hazcam Dual Spectrum Camera is a palm-sized camera that’s designed for surface, wall, pole and ceiling mounting. It’s excellent for overview or close-up applications. For example, it’s suitable for passport control or security control areas and in banks. It’s also particularly suitable when you want an unobtrusive camera that’s nevertheless visible enough to act as a deterrent. 

The Hazcam Dual Spectrum Camera is used in all Hazcam Applications including the Hazcam Slip, Trip and Fall prevention solution. Read more about the Hazcam Slip, Trip and Fall prevention solution here.