Hazcam Jetson Maxi Nano/NX PoE Switch

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The Hazcam Jetson Maxi Access Point Style Enclosure delivers everything you need for an Edge AI Device in a  waterproof fanless aluminium enclosure for the Nvidia Jetson Nano and Xavier NX platforms. 

Due to World Wide Components Shortages, please email us at sales at hazcam dot io for latest pricing and lead times. We can also provide quantity discounts or custom designs to suit your specific requirements.

The enclosure is EMC Shielded, waterproof and fanless, powder coated light gray and includes mounting brackets for wall or flat surface. Pole mount adaptor kits are also available.

Hazcam Jetson Maxi Nano/NX PoE Switch is powered by PoE using PoE++ at 90W. The incoming power is applied to the Jetson Nano/NX (12VDC @ 15W) and a 4 port PoE Switch (48-55VDC @ 60W) delivering 4 PoE 802.3af output ports at 15W per port. 

The Hazcam Jetson Maxi Nano/NX PoE Switch can also be powered using an AC Plugpack at 48VDC, 1.75A, 90W in environments where AC Power is available.

Hazcam Jetson Maxi Nano/NX PoE Switch is IP65/IP67 environmental rating with waterproof connectors and EMC gasket seal.

Thermal testing on the Hazcam Jetson Maxi Nano/NX PoE Switch using JTOP and maximum power on CPU and GPU and maximum 15W per PoE port loads reaches steady state temperature of 50 degrees Celsius +/- 10%.

An adjustable pole mount allows for solid reliable pole mounting with 2 degrees of adjustment. 

Included items :

  • 1 x Nano/NX Dev Kit per enclosure (pre-flashed)
  • Hazcam Jetson Carrier PCB
  • 4 Port PoE Switch
  • 4 x PoE LAN Ports for Network Cameras (4 x RJ45)
  • 1 x WAN port (1 x RJ45)
  • 1 x DC Port
  • Auto-boot configurable, auto-power on default
  • IP65/IP67 Fanless Enclosure (Customised)
  • IP67 connectors cable glands

48V@90W DC plugpack and PoE Injector, sold separately


The enclosure size








The Hazcam Custom Jetson Carrier PCB size




Jetson Module Heatsink Height  + 24mm




The Jetson Carrier PCB is a Custom PCB Design about half the size of the Nvidia Jetson Carrier PCB.

Carrier board details:

  • Overall Size 87mm x 52mm
  • HDMI
  • Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000M)
  • 2x USB 3.0 Type A (Integrated USB 2.0)
  • USB 2.0 OTG Micro-AB
  • M.2 KEY M NVMe SSD
  • Serial  RS-232
  • M.2 KEY E PCIE 2242 SIZE
  • I2S 1x I2S(3.3V Level)_
  • 2x I2C Link (+3.3V I/O)
  • 6x GPIO
  • Power Requirements +7V to +19V DC Input @ 3A
  • Operating Temperature -25° to +65°

The Hazcam Carrier PCB is an ALWAYS ON design which means it will always power ON when power is applied. There is no way to turn power ON or OFF via the Control Header as this function has been disabled. Therefore a physical power cycle is required if the Jetson is Shutdown via software. 


Thermal Performance:

Thermal performance has been tested with JTOP and the maximum steady state temperature under full CPU and GPU load is 50C +/- 10% from 25C ambient


Note: This product includes a Hazcam Custom Jetson Carrier PCB that is half the size of the Nvidia Jetson Carrier. When installing your Jetson, please swap the Jetson Module only, and insert into the Hazcam Custom Jetson Carrier PCB card slot.

Note: This is a fanless solution and uses thermal pads which are slightly adhesive. Therefore, some wriggling is required to remove the Hazcam Custom Jetson Carrier PCB when the Jetson Module is installed as the Jetson Module Heatsink is thermally connected to the enclosure via the thermal pad. 

Known Bugs: USB3 does not enumerate ZED-MINI-USBC at bootup (ZED2 not affected).  An unplug-replug cycle on USB3 connector is required. Once enumerated, all SteroLabs products work without problems.