Hazcam Detects Slip and Fall Hazards using Artificial Intelligence

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Hazcam Detects Slip and Fall Hazards using Artificial Intelligence

Slip and Fall Prevention

Hazcam is the first smart camera solution for liquid-spill detection to help prevent Slip and Fall accidents. Historically, no-one has been able to solve the liquid-spill detection problem using cameras due to the transparent nature of liquid spills.

Hazcam has achieved a world first by combining IoT sensor arrays with camera technologies together with artificial intelligence to reliably detect invisible hazards such as liquid-spills.

clear liquid spill detection

In Queensland Australia, each year more than 13,000 workers suffer an injury as a result of a slip, trip or fall costing Queensland businesses more than 256,000 lost work days and over $60 million in workers’ compensation payments. Imagine the size of this problem on a world wide scale.

Slip and fall accidents occur in all sorts of places, but most commonly occur in public spaces such as shopping centres, retail venues and working environments and result in injury or death.  Slip and fall accidents are also the main contributing factor in increasing liability insurance due to significant insurance claims

Slips, trips or falls are caused by slippery surfaces following rain or spills, poorly designed or maintained walkways, poor lighting on stairs and walkways and trip hazards.

The owners and managers of publicly accessible venues or working environments have a duty of care to ensure that an area is cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. In most cases slips, trips or falls are the result of inadequate monitoring or poor cleaning practices.

Hazcam automatically detects potential hazards and sends alerts to staff members responsible for hazard prevention. This means that immediate action can be taken and potential Slip and Fall accidents prevented.

Hazcam detects visible and invisible hazards including clear liquid spills, fallen Produce, objects in walkways, deterioration or breakages, obstructions in Fire Exits, pathway hazards such as raised pavers, cracked concrete, curled floor mats, broken handrails, missing steps, and many other hazards. Hazcam sends real time alerts to mobile phones,  digital sign boards, email, Twitter, or any other digital messaging application.

In the event that a Slip and Fall accident does occur, Hazcam will have recorded the event so that there is no uncertainty about what happened. This can be used to prevent a recurrence or retained as evidence.







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