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Continuous 360° pan high-speed PTZ camera, covering all monitoring areas, tracking targets swiftly.





Powerful embedded intelligent analysis algorithm makes region intrusion detection, line crossing detection, moving path tracking, target enhancement and other intelligent analysis functions realized in the device.

Leading thermal imaging procession algorithm: IDE (Image Details Enhancement algorithm), HDR (High Dynamic Range algorithm: sea-sky mode, sky-earth mode)

Embedded high temperature alarm module, accurately pre-alarms the fire source in time based on the leading temperature alarming algorithm. The pre-alarming grades are adjustable; applicable for the need of fire pre-alarming in different scenes.

Applicable under extreme bad weather (including complete darkness, rain, snow, smog and etc.).

Powered by complete functions and interfaces; standardized security interface design; Pelco protocol compliant, easy for system integration.

Impressive appearance, small and portable; easy for installation and maintenance.